Dyssomnia: Causes And Symptoms

There are some common signs of Dyssomnia.

  • At night while you tried to sleep it takes you longer than half an hour to fall asleep.
  • Finally, when you fall to sleep, you wake up repeatedly, which means you can’t remain asleep continuously.
  • If you fall asleep you wake up early in the morning and can’t sleep again even if you try hard.
  • Because you can’t get enough sleep you feel drowsy during the day.
  • In Dyssomnia, you Snore, toss and turn the whole night, and move your legs a lot.
  • If you fall asleep you saw dreams that seem real to you.
  • When you wake up in the morning your whole body feels heavy.


Dyssomnia can be caused by multiple factors for instance sleep disorder, mental health, or maybe other medical complications. If you are suffering from Dyssomnias and discussing it with your doctor, then it’s better to give a vivid picture of your lifestyle. Give comprehensive and basic details about your habits to your doctor.

For example, about the medications you are taking, your alcohol or drug use, or any current life event that may have influenced your sleep routine. All these experiences can disrupt your peaceful night’s sleep.


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