E-Cat Plants And Home Units Will Be Stamped With “Made In The USA”

Posted by Ecatplant on March 14, 2012
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Finally we have some exciting news from Rossi, first hand. I know, I know, you may argue that we read first-hand news from the inventor of Energy Catalyzers on pretty much everyday basis as he’s busy answering questions and confirming preorders from many a fan and a critic at his JONP blog, and that’s true. There’s no doubt about the fact that Journal of Nuclear Physics has helped quite a few people, interested in the technology of Rossi, to stay afloat in regards to what’s happening as there is plenty of ideas and info pieces to chew on at any given time at JONP. Continue reading…

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The Launch Of E-Cat Plants Hasn’t Silenced The Critics, Perhaps Home Units Will Change Attitudes

Posted by Ecatplant on March 09, 2012
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Since the very beginning of the saga of Energy Catalyzers there have been quite a few skeptics and critics of the developments that Andrea Rossi has chosen. Yes, being an engineer and a scientist he knows that cold fusion is not the most popular subject in physics, and yet he has chosen to follow the path no matter where it is leading him. It has led him to E-Cat plants of 1 MW at the end of October, and now he is being led in the direction of home units of 10 kW and also in the direction of 15 MW E-Cat Plants that are hopefully going to be produce electricity as well, being a closed-loop system feeding other Catalyzers, and thus finally providing cheap energy without the need to be fed by other entities and devices. Of course, there is skepticism and one can’t get around in this dog-eat-dog world of competition and rat race, where everyone’s trying to get ahead of one another and stay ahead of the game. Continue reading…

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The Tests Performed On E-Cat Plants Have Not Persuaded Everybody, Why Bother Doing More Tests?

Posted by Ecatplant on March 07, 2012
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The end of October saw the unveiling of the first 1 MW plant, operated by multiple Energy Catalyzers. Back then and even prior to that Rossi said that there would be no more public tests performed. The demonstrations performed on October 6 and October 28 on E-Cat plants were rather successful. Over the course of the former the device was stripped and everything was on display except for the very core, on top of it there were quite a few major international scientists, engineers, physicists and chemists in attendance, who did their own measurements. And the latter demonstration, the Oct. 28 one, proved that E-Cat plants do produce excess heat. That demo was not run by Rossi, but rather by the customer’s consultants presided over by a former NATO colonel, Domenico Fioravanti. And still the doubters were there to say that those tests were not enough. Continue reading…

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The Radical Party Of The Italian Parliament Shows Interest For E-Cat Plants

Posted by Ecatplant on March 06, 2012
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It’s about time that politicians finally wake up and smell the coffee, as the E-Cat plants of Andrea Rossi may present a rather good way of handling energy production issues. I mean it’s no secret that energy production is one of the main tasks when it comes to economy, as pretty much anything hinges on it, and with the arrival of E-Cat plants, producing heat and hot water now and electricity soon, it becomes a treasure to hold on to and use for the benefit of any given country. That is unless the country’s government and ruling parties really don’t care that much for such invention. Continue reading…

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E-Cat Plants Stealing The Spotlight Yet Again, This Time They May Grow To 15 MW

Posted by Ecatplant on March 05, 2012
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For quite some time the home units – domestic units or E-Cat homes or customer Catalyzers – have been in the center of attention when it comes to the technology of Andrea Rossi, whereas E-Cat plants were lost sight of for a while. It may change in the near future and E-Cat plants may once again become the center of attention with the help of the Siemens turbine. Continue reading…

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